At ChillServices, we are dedicated to help our clients with solutions that promote competitiveness and corporate responsibility.

Our interdisciplinary team is recruited from leading European universities and includes experts in engineering, architecture, IT and economics. Transparency, continuous exchange and respect are the key factors for our success.

An innovative approach, climate protection and pro-European thinking are at the heart of our networks in science and industry.

York Ostermeyer

Managing Director (DE)

+49 171 1649731

Christian Marx

Managing Director (DE)

+49 151 18904267

Tom Wranger

Managing Director (SE) &
Software Developer


Tommie Månsson

Managing Director (SE) &
Civil Engineer

Tommie Månsson

Ash Malmsten


Niclas Hammarström

Niclas Hammarström

Front-End Developer

Anders Petersson

System Architect &
Data Scientist

Tano Roth

Product Engineer &
Image Processor

Sofia Hervéus

Sofia Hervéus

APP & Front-End Developer

Antonia Yoselevski

Communicator (PR & Web)