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Temperature Compliance


“Our clients profit from improved food safety, less maintenance work and energy savings that typically recover the investment in two years.”

Control and regulation of refrigerated cabinets has made great progress in recent years, but the sensor technology is still lagging behind.
Conventionally positioned temperature sensors in refrigerators lead to increased energy consumption, avoidable disturbances, maintenance work and in extreme cases to preventable food loss.

By identifying the ideal sensor position, we created SensorHold, a unique sensor holder, which guarantees the most accurate and reliable
temperature measurements. SensorHold places the sensor in an upright position and locates it outside the thermal gradient, at a
turbulent place with no disturbance by packaging, food residues, or condensate run-off. Making sure that the refrigerated cabinet only
demands the energy it actually needs.

Fast Upgrade

Implementing SensorHold in an entire store takes only one day on which access to the bottom of the cabinets is needed. This can be done during opening hours – the disturbance is minimal.

One Stop Shop

After your order, the work will be carried out either by us or by the cooling company responsible for the maintenance of the cooling system in your store.

Compatible With Your Refrigerated Cabinets

SensorHold is compatible with all vertical refrigerated cabinets and can be applied in every supermarket around the world.

Verified Effect

As a follow up service we offer an automatic analysis of the energy and temperature data and the context data generated as part of the cabinet optimization.