Code BEAM STO 2019

ChillServices senior developer Madeleine Malmsten was giving a talk “Can you teach a school class functional programming?” at the CODE BEAM STOCKHOLM 2019 conference.

Supermarket innovation to ‘cool’ the energy consumption

Refrigeration is one of the main drivers in supermarkets energy consumption, almost 50 % of the total. Start-up ChillServices has developed an innovative plug-on technology and service to increase the energy efficiency within supermarkets. ChillServices piloted its technology in 50 supermarkets (1000 cabinets) in cooperation with the most energy efficient supermarket chain in Germany, the REWE group and realized a decreased electricity consumption for each doored refrigerated display cabinet (RDC) of 3%. This is approximately 300 kWh/cabinet, resulting in roughly 4-5 tons CO2 per retail store per year. ChillServices’ target for 2017 is to implement its technology in 300 supermarkets, installing it in 5,000 RDCs in Germany, eventually covering all 12,500 supermarkets of the REWE group.

Cool innovation for energy saving in supermarkets

Refrigeration stands for almost 50% of the total energy consumption in supermarkets. The Chalmers and Climate-KIC supported start-up ChillServices seek to change that by saving around 3 to 5 % with easy implemented measures, and the researchers are convinced that 30-40% efficiency improvement is within reach.