As an innovative Startup ChillServices is dedicated to increase energy efficiency in grocery stores. ChillServices is also engaged in a number of research projects and we are happy to share our outcomes and insights. Follow our comprehensive news coverage to keep up with the latest developments.

February, 2021

Correctly positioned sensors reduce energy bill

This discovery resulted in an EU patent for a sensor holder that enables easy repositioning of the temperature sensor. The repositioning of 6,519 sensors in 454 grocery stores, helped to mitigate approximately 18,900 tons of carbon dioxide in Germany.

February, 2021

Discovery by Chalmers researcher saves electricity in grocery stores

While researching the potential of refrigerators to serve as a buffer for thermal energy storage, Tommie Månsson discovered that temperature sensors are systematically placed wrong, leading to avoidable high energy consumption.

February, 2021

Refrigerators in Swedish grocery stores consume unnecessary high amount of energy

More than 3000 Swedish supermarkets spend too much money on electricity due to wrongly positioned temperature sensors. ChillServices will tackle this problem with their innovative solution.

February, 2021

Temperature sensors in the right place save energy in the fridge

Correct positioning of sensors in refrigerators saves energy in grocery stores. This discovery was made by a researcher at Chalmers University, while researching something completely different.

February, 2021

Termometer på rätt plats sparar energi i kyl

Att ha termometern på rätt ställe i kyldiskar sparar energi i livsmedelsbutiker. Men ofta sitter termometern fel. Den upptäckten gjorde en forskare på Chalmers oplanerat, i samband med en studie av något helt annat.

February, 2021

A simple sensor holder can reduce electricity consumption by five percent.

The holder has already been launched and is now sold via ChillServices. Until now, the solution has only been implemented in stores in Germany, where the interest is high, but the demand for it is worldwide.

February, 2021

Simple invention saves energy in grocery stores

Grocery stores consume more energy than necessary. A discovery made by researchers at Chalmers can help to improve energy efficiency in more than 3000 Swedish grocery stores.

December, 2020

Supermarkets as batteries in smart grids

Tommie Månsson, a soon to be PhD at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, investigated the potential of using supermarkets and their cooling systems to balance the electricity grid.

June 2017

Supermarket innovation to ‘cool’ the energy consumption​

ChillServices piloted its technology in 50 supermarkets (1000 cabinets) in cooperation with the most energy efficient supermarket chain in Germany.

June 2017

Cool innovation for energy saving in supermarkets

Refrigeration accounts for almost 50% of the total energy consumption in supermarkets. ChillServices seek to change that by saving around 3 to 5 percent with easy implemented measures.

June 2017

The simple but smart invention that can increase energy efficiency in grocery stores

Researchers from Chalmers have developed a new technology that can reduce energy consumption in grocery stores by 3-5 percent.