We measure what matters to you

Operators often face questions and problems, which can not be solved with existing data. To address these needs, we develop customized solutions that range from the design of the measurement setup to construction and installation of the facilities, data processing and evaluation of results. We develop our measurement concepts according to scientific standards; including an external assessment of the outcomes (peer review concept). Apart from providing our clients with detailed results and data, we strive to publish selected findings in scientific journals, especially if the measurement activities are funded by public authorities.

Door opening project “Nimrod”

Everyone opens a refrigerator door differently

Door openings of refrigeration units have a negative impact on energy consumption, as heat and humidity enter the cooling cabinet. This aspect has not yet been considered in the development of refrigeration units as well as in control and monitoring systems.
On behalf of an operator, ChillServices analyzed a total of 32,000 door openings over a period of two months and collected data on opening time, opening duration, opening angle and opening and closing speed.

The data were gathered using gyro sensors, that have been installed on the doors. The data were sent to an online database via Bluetooth-based data loggers. To obtain a meaningful analysis, all data was linked to existing contextual data, such as cabin content and cabin type.

The results revealed significant deviations between actual opening cycles and industry standards (e.g. DIN EN ISO 23953). Moreover, differences regarding product group, time of day and weekday were documented. Using CFD models and laboratory tests, this data allowed to reliably calculate and predict the ingress of moisture into the cooling cabinet.

Door gap project "Fram"

Even a closed refrigerator is not airtight

Door gaps are a permanent cause for warm and humid air penetrating the refrigerator. Precise information on air mass flows entering through door gaps is neither available from the manufacturers, nor are supermarket operators in possession of datasets which would allow them to evaluate different door systems.

On behalf of an operator, ChillServices measured the amount of moisture produced inside various refrigeration units. Using pumps and flow sensors, condensate was collected and measured in an active store over a period of six months.

To determine the effect of partial seals, door gaps were temporarily sealed (on weekends), while magnet-based contact sensors allowed to further investigate the impact of door openings on condensate levels.

The results clearly indicate the impact of door gaps on the energetic behavior and enable to identify the most effective ways to save energy.

Modelling and Measurement

Science for practical use

In cooperation with various partners, ChillServices built laboratory facilities to investigate air flows in cooling cabinets and measuring facilities in supermarkets.

ChillServices has extensive know-how in the areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, energy balancing, development and adaptation of measurement technology as well as designing, 3D printing and injection molding of necessary instruments.

ChillServices also developed state-of-the-art data systems and interfaces to collect and analyze data in a reliable, fast, and secure manner.