From chaotic data to robust, complete and updated information

Data Collection - FieldAgent

Data collection is a continuous process. Often, however it is done, in a way that does not allow data to be reused. Even valuable data becomes obsolete and loses its value. ChillServices provides operators and maintenance companies with smartphone applications that collect data in an easy, intuitive and cost-effective way, while performing necessary tasks. We thereby focus on clearly identifiable information and blend photos with relevant input options.

Data Collection Made Easy

Fast, accurate and cost-effective data collection, which reduces sources of error.

Know your Technical Inventory

Create a complete technical inventory of a store and keep it up-to-date.

Image Recognition

Serial numbers and manufacturers are automatically recognized and linked to available information.

Compatible with StoreAgent

Data generated via the FieldAgent app is stored, matched with other data and visualized in our data platform StoreAgent.

We translate Data into information and insights

Data Processing - StoreAgent

ChillServices provides operators and maintenance companies with a database in which data points collected with FieldAgent can be used, checked and if necessary supplemented. Critical components can easily be identified and no longer get lost. Existing energy codes can be supplemented with context data. These data and specifications (e.g. type of refrigeration unit) help to avoid misinterpretations. Maintenance companies can skip site visits and often assess and solve problems from their desk.

Keep Track of Data Points

Create and export lists of all existing data points. This enables easy generation of lists of discontinued components and corresponding centralized orders.

Efficient Work Planning

Maintenance companies can prepare themselves for work in the store and order spare parts using stored serial numbers.

Analyse Your Energy Savings

Analysis of the effects of measures taken is made possible by combining them with energy data.

Compatible with SAP

In addition to the data generated via our smartphone apps, the system supports imports from other data systems such as SAP and the upload of various file formats.