Don't pay for energy you don't need

Don't pay for energy you don't need

Grocery stores are energy-intensive. A high level of energy efficiency is therefore essential and promises immense benfits. Given the low profit margins in the food sector, energy efficienct management of these buildings is of great economic interest to the operators.
Profit margins of 2-3% are offset by energy costs of 4-5% from which a significant part can be saved.

A substantial amount of energy in food markets is needed for food cooling and air conditioning of the store. There are various possibilities to save energy, CO2 and money in an economically attractive way with an amortization of two to four years.

We offer patented in-house developed products that result from research and development projects as well as recommendations for evidence based solutions from third parties. All measures taken by us are objectively evaluated on the basis of energy consumption and in compliance with scientific standards. In cooperation with selected monitoring companies, we also offer products in Energy Service Contracting – the customer pays based on the energy saved, without any risk.

Sensor Optimization

You can't improve what you don't measure

Control and regulation of refrigeration units has undergone major developments in recent years. The sensor technology of cooling cabinets often lags behind this development.
Conventionally positioned sensors in refrigerators lead to avoidable disturbances, maintenance work, increased energy consumption and in extreme cases to preventable food losses.

ChillServices developed and patented a solution that can easily be integrated into existing and newly installed refrigeration units.

Proven and Verified Effects

By deploying over 10,000 pieces of retrofitted cooling units, we have been able to reduce the cold flow in an average market by 7200 Kwh/year, reduce temperature disturbances by 55% and double temperature compliance.

Payback Period of 2 Years

Our clients gain from improved food safety, less maintenance and energy savings that typically recover the investment in two years.

Compatible for Digitization

By generating a robust and representative temperature signal, the cooling cabinet is compatible with remote analytics, predictive maintenance and automated monitoring.

Less Moisture

The undesirable ingress of moisture into refrigeration units is significantly reduced with a payback period of two to four years.

Less Mold and Better Food Hygiene

In addition to the energetic upgrade, the formation of mold is significantly reduced and food hygiene is substantially improved.

Long-Lasting Cooling Cabins

Plant safety is increased through reduced corrosion.

Door Gap Sealing

Save energy, improve food hygiene and increase plant safety

Defective or missing door gap seals are responsible for a large part of the condensate produced inside the cooling cabinets. Condensate makes up a significant proportion of the energy consumption of a refrigeration unit. Moreover, condensate causes increased mold growth and technical abrasion.
Our seals are an ideal solution for retrofitting existing refrigeration units or upgrading new ones.

Technology Consulting

We find the best solution for your market

ChillServices provides customized recommendations based on your requirements and preferences, such as desired amortization and investment volume.

In order to provide this service and to obtain the data necessary for the analysis, a basic digitalization of the store has to be carried out either by us or one of our partners. 

Reliable and Accurate Estimations

Our database enables us to estimate the effect of various energy efficiency measures.

Professional Recommendations

Within product groups we recommend best-in-class products.​

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our recommendations incorporate the experience of experts in the fields of building physics, mechanical engineering and air conditioning technology to guarantee a functioning and robust overall concept.