Don't pay for energy you don't need

Grocery stores are energy intensive. Profit margins of 2-3% are offset by energy costs of 4-5%, of which a significant part can be saved. Given the low profit margins, energy efficient management is of great economic interest.

A substantial amount of energy in grocery stores is needed for food cooling and air conditioning. There are various possibilities to save energy, CO2 and money in an economically attractive way with an amortization of two to four years.

We offer patented in-house developed products that result from research and development projects as well as recommendations for evidence-based solutions from third parties. All measures taken by us are objectively evaluated based on energy consumption and in compliance with scientific standards. In cooperation with selected monitoring companies, we also offer products in Energy Service Contracting – the customer pays based on the energy saved, without any risk.

Maximize the energy efficiency of your refrigerated cabinets by installing our patented SensorHold.

Retrofit existing refrigerated cabinets or upgrade new ones with our brand-new DoorSeals.


We offer customized recommendations based on your requirements and preferences.

Technology Consulting

We find the best solution for your market

ChillServices offers customized recommendations based on your requirements and preferences, such as desired amortization and investment volume.

In order to provide this service and to obtain the data necessary for the analysis, a basic digitalization of the store is highly recommended.

Reliable and Accurate Estimations

Our database enables us to estimate the effect of various energy efficiency measures.

Professional Recommendations

Within product groups we recommend best-in-class products.​

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our recommendations incorporate the experience of experts in the fields of building physics, mechanical engineering and air conditioning technology to guarantee a functioning and robust overall concept.