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What we do

ChillServices supports food retail stores in saving energy, improving food safety, and reducing operational costs. We do this by offering digital tools for energy audits as well as energy saving innovations.

Our team is motivated by contributing to significant carbon mitigations. We apply state of the art technologies, and work with forward-thinking clients who want to save money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Do you know how your store is performing in comparison to others? Do you know what you can do to improve your ranking? Or are you interested in working with us?

Do you pay too much for energy?

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As an innovative Startup ChillServices is dedicated to increase operational and energy efficiency in grocery stores.

Know it

Deep insights into the status of your cooling technology enable efficient management and energy savings.

Measure it

Only a correctly placed temperature sensor can measure the actual energy needed to cool your cabinet.

Seal it

With our tailor made door gap sealing the cold stays where it belongs: INSIDE the cabinet.

One app suite, customized to suit your market

Our app suite has been developed in close cooperation with our clients. Learning about the everyday needs and struggels of supermarket operators, energy managers and maintenance companies, we came up with a set of solutions to facilitate their daily tasks, add transparency and efficiency and support communication between all actors involved.


Create a complete technical inventory of a store and keep it up-to-date.


Know how your store performs in camparison to others and identify energy saving opportunities.


Report damages in an easy, fast and detailed way and plan maintenance work ahead to save time and money.


Report damages in an easy, fast and detailed way and plan maintenance work ahead to save time and money.

Save up to 3% of the energy used for cooling

Reduce temperature errors

Guarantee maximum food hygiene

Upgrade an entire market in only one day

Saving energy has never been easier

By identifying the ideal sensor position, we created SensorHold, a unique sensor holder, which guarantees the most accurate and reliable temperature measurements.

SensorHold locates the sensor outside the thermal gradient, at a turbulent place with no disturbance by packaging, food residues, or condensate run-off. Making sure that cooling cabinets only consume the energy they actually need.

Save energy

Reduce condensate and corrosion

Improve food hygiene

Long lasting cabinets

Don't let energy escape your cooling cabinet

Defective or missing door gap sealings are responsible for a large part of the condensate produced inside cooling cabinets. Condensate causes increased mold growth, technical abrasion and contributes to a significant share of the energy consumption of a refrigeration unit. Our tailor-made door gap sealings are an ideal solution for retrofitting existing refrigeration units or upgrading new ones.

What do supermarkets and polar bears have in common?

They both profit from our energy efficiency measures. Our projects are eligible for funding under energy efficiency and climate protection programs.


ChillServices is engaged in a number of research projects and we are happy to share our outcomes and insights. Follow our international news coverage to keep up with the latest developments.

Flexible Refrigeration

Together with a student group at the School of entrepreneurship and Chalmers Ventures, we are developing the future energy management system for supermarkets. We provide a solution that reduces the cost of electricity by about 10%. 

Meet our team

At ChillServices, we are dedicated to help our clients with solutions that promote competitiveness and corporate responsibility.


York Ostermeyer

Managing Director (DE)

Christian Marx

Christian Marx

Managing Director (DE)

Tom Wranger

Tom Wranger

Managing Director (SE) & Software Developer

Tommie Månsson

Tommie Månsson

Managing Director (SE) & Civil Engineer

Tano Roth

Tano Roth

Product Engineer
& Image Processor

Ash Malmsten

Ash Malmsten


Anders Petersson

Anders Petersson

System Architect
& Data Scientist

Sofia Hervéus

Sofia Hervéus

APP & Front-End Developer

Antonia Yoselevski

Antonia Yoselevski

Communicator (PR & Web)

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