Upgrade your Cooling Cabinets with our DoorSealing




Food Hygiene


Plant Safety

Door Gap Sealing

Defective or missing door gap seals are responsible for a large part of the condensate produced inside cooling cabinets. Condensate causes increased mold growth, technical abrasion and contributes to a significant share of the energy consumption of a refrigeration unit.
Our tailor-made door gap seals are an ideal solution for retrofitting existing refrigeration units or upgrading new ones.

Less Moisture

The undesirable ingress of moisture is significantly reduced.

Better Food Hygiene

The formation of mold is considerably reduced and food hygiene is substantially improved.

Long-Lasting Cooling Cabins

Reduced corrosion increases plant safety.

ROI of 2-4 Years

The energetic upgrade results in a ROI of 2-4 years.