You cannot manage what you do not know

Refrigeration technology in food markets has become increasingly complex. While modern technologies are more powerful and energy-efficient, they do require significantly higher proficiency in design and maintenance.

Pressure is added by increasingly stringent environmental constraints which are reflected in the growing demand for more energy efficient solutions. Changes in the environment in which a company operates hold both risks and opportunities for future development. Retaining a strategic overview is crucial.

However, the available data in supermarkets is often incomplete. This constitutes a considerable risk and causes unnecessary costs.

ChillServices offers innovative solutions in the areas of monitoring and data collection. We collect missing data points and photos via smartphone-based applications, retrieve data via image recognition and link this data to existing information and energy consumption. We also digitize analog processes such as damage reporting, resulting in significant higher efficiency and cost savings. Operators and maintenance companies benefit from a complete dataset, which allows to resolve issues without site visits, to prepare maintenance work and to identify savings potentials.

What is done analog today can only be digitally competitive in the future.

Data Management

Our Apps

Our applications have been developed in close cooperation with our clients. Learning about the everyday needs and struggels of supermarket operators, energy managers and maintenance companies, we came up with a set of solutions to facilitate their daily tasks, add transparency and efficiency and support communication between all actors involved.

FieldAgent is a data collection tool customized for food cooling systems and store equipment.

StoreAgent merges multiple data streams from various types and provides a visualized evaluation filter.

QuickTell is a damage report tool, which enables easy, detailed and fast damage assessment and reporting.