You cannot manage what you do not know

You cannot manage what you do not know

Building and refrigeration technology in grocery stores has become increasingly complex in recent years. Although technologies are today more powerful and energy-efficient than past concepts, they do require significantly higher competence in design and maintenance. At the same time, there are increasingly strict legal requirements driven by climate protection, which present both opportunities and risks for operators. Therefore it is crucial to retain a strategic overview. As many operators are only tenants in their markets, the available data is often incomplete. This constitutes a considerable risk and causes unnecessary costs, especially when data is repeatedly collected locally instead of being stored and maintained centrally. Operators and maintenance companies benefit equally from a complete dataset which allows to clarify facts without site visits, to prepare maintenance work and to identify savings potentials. ChillServices offers innovative solutions in the areas of monitoring and data collection. We collect missing data points and photos via smartphone based applications, retrieve data via image recognition and link this data to existing information and energy consumption. In addition, we are currently digitizing analog processes such as the reporting of damages, which leads to significant cost savings. What is done analog today can only be digitally competitive in the future.

Data Management

Our Apps

Our applications have been developed in close cooperation with our clients. Learning about the everyday needs and struggels of supermarket operators, energy managers and maintenance companies, we came up with a set of solutions to facilitate their daily tasks, add transparency and efficiency and support communication between all actors involved.

Field Agent is a data collection tool customized for food cooling systems and store equipment.

Store Agent merges multiple data streams of various types and provides a visualized evaluation filter.

QuickTell is a damage report tool, which enables easy, detailed and fast damage assessment and reporting.

Data Collection - FieldAgent

From chaotic data to robust, complete and updated information

Data collection is a continuous process. Unfortunately, data is not always available in a format that makes it usable for other purposes. Even valuable data becomes obsolete and loses its value over time. The solution to both of these problems is the integration of data collection into existing and recurring workflows. ChillServices provides operators and maintenance companies with smartphone applications that collect data in an easy, intuitive and cost-effective way, while performing necessary tasks. We thereby focus on clearly identifiable information and blend photos with other input options. With the help of image recognition algorithms, information such as serial numbers and manufacturers are automatically recognized from photos and linked to available information.

Data Collection Made Easy

Fast, accurate and cost-effective data collection, which reduces sources of error.

Know your Technical Inventory

Create a complete technical inventory of a store and keep it up-to-date.

Compatible with Store Agent

All data generated via the Field Agent App is stored, matched with other data and visualized not only in the app itself but also in our data platform Store Agent.

Keep Track of Data Points

Using the filter and selection function, operators can create and export lists of all existing data points. This enables easy generation of lists of discontinued components and corresponding centralized orders.

Analyse Your Energy Savings

Analysis of the effects of measures taken is made possible by combining them with energy data.

Efficient Work Planning

Using the database, maintenance companies can prepare themselves for work in the store and order spare parts using stored serial numbers.

Data Processing - StoreAgent

We translate data into information and insights

ChillServices provides operators and maintenance companies with a database in which collected data points can easily be used, checked and if necessary supplemented. In addition to the data generated via our smartphone apps, the system supports imports from other data systems such as SAP and the upload of various file formats. Critical components can easily be identified and no longer get lost. The already existing energy codes can be supplemented with context data. These data and specifications (e.g. type of refrigeration unit) help to avoid misinterpretations. Maintenance companies save unnecessary journeys and can often assess and solve problems from their desk.

Reporting - QuickTell

Avoid misunderstandings and save time with digitally facilitated communication

Communicating damage and repairs is still being done analogously in many areas via telephone calls and correspondence. This results in misunderstandings and a high loss of information, which in turn causes additional costs and frustration. which can be avoided. ChillServices offers digitalization solutions for various processes in the areas of repair and maintenance. Instead of calling the service department, the operator simply accesses the damage report app, selects his store, takes a photo of the damage, adds a brief description and submits the request directly to the responsible person. The person in charge receives a clearly structured email, which includes images and all relevant information.

Damage Report

Report damages in a coherent and detailed manner via our QuickTell App

Save Time and Money

The first visit of the technician for damage assessment is in most cases no longer needed, which speeds up the process and saves time and money.

Create a History of the Maintenance Work

Damages and repairs documented via the damage report app are stored in the database of the respective store. This will provide a complete maintenance documentation, which can be accessed at any time.