Work at ChillServices

Work at ChillServices

Who are we?

The ChillServices team has worked in the area of energy efficiency of food retail stores for 10 years in various projects. ChillServices has an interdisciplinary structure and covers various topics relevant to innovations in the refrigeration sector, from thermodynamic modeling and mechanical engineering to app, system architecture and software development. Our team is recruited from leading universities (ETH Zurich, TU Delft, Chalmers TU Gothenburg), research institutes (LZH Hannover) and energy companies (Vattenfall Germany). The start-up bases on the Knowledge and Innovation Community on Climate (Climate-KIC). Developing economically feasible solutions for reducing CO2 emissions is our core motivation. We firmly believe in using the right tools for every job with a wide range of technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Erlang and JavaScript. In addition, we are very pleased to continue developing our skills through, for example, conferences and courses. This encourages us to speak at events and conferences to exchange our knowledge and experience.

Who are you?

We believe that you share our vision in what we do and how we like to work, and ideally, you’re kind of comfortable with working within any of these areas:

  • Software development (front-end or back-end)
  • Functional programming
  • Data science/ Analytics
  • Building robots/ Mechanical engineering
  • UX/ Interaction design/ Digital design

Why work at ChillServices?

If you ask us, why we love working at ChillServices, here are some aspects:

  • Research-based startup environment with a spirit to innovate
  • Direct link to climate impact mitigation technologies
  • Opportunity to constantly develop your skills
  • Flexible work hours and 30 days of vacation per year
  • Competitive salary