Closing the Data Gap for Decarbonisation Strategies

Assess building and property data to prioritise and plan investments


Housing companies often lack essential data

By cataloging the building portfolio with CAPSA owners get a complete inventory overview of their building stock, including superior insights on the state of the building. Based on this CAPSA provides expert suggestions on what maintenance and refurbishment actions are needed to increase the energy efficiency of a building to save money and meet climate goals. CAPSA is therefore an indispensable tool for managing a building stock and planing refurbishment work.


Data Collection

Assess your property portfolio in terms of energy consumption


Strategic Planning

Support strategic planning for refurbishment (in terms of cost-effective investment)


Apply for Funding

Provide a sound basis to apply for EU funding programmes focused on reducing buildings’ energy consumption.

 During the EFL webinar on 28 October, Dr. York Ostermeyer introduced CAPSA to the EFL community.