There is an enormous savings potential in the field of energy efficiency in the refrigeration of food.

That’s where ChillServices comes in, offering innovative solutions that save both costs and CO2 emissions.

Who we are

As a technology developer in the cooling technology and digitization sector, we transform expertise derived from international research projects into products and services that can be scaled up economically in order to jointly reduce CO2 emissions and simultaneously strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.
We are recruited from top level European universities and provide our customers, with a bridge to the academic sector and access to leading research outcomes and innovations.

What we do

ChillServices provides expertise in energy efficiency and digitization, two key factors in ensuring competitiveness in the retail sector

We support supermarket operators in the areas of energy efficiency and digitization including customized measurement and monitoring.
Regarding energy efficiency, our portfolio includes our own patented as well as selected third-party products. Our solutions can be implemented in existing stores and new buildings while offering a payback period of two to four years.
Thanks to our extensive database and data processing, the effect of every measure we take can be predicted to reliably estimate energy and cost savings. We validate our developments with measurements in accordance with scientific standards.
In the field of digitization, we collect and manage context data that supplement existing energy and temperature monitoring data. Through this, we provide our customers with valuable overviews of the technical inventory of their stores, second, enable more efficient energy management, and third, link them to solutions such as predictive maintenance, automated troubleshooting and plant optimization.
In addition to the collection and management of context data, we provide operators and maintenance companies with smartphone apps supporting work planning, checks on technical equipment, damage reporting and communication with colleagues and customers.
Regarding monitoring and measurements, we develop tailor-made test setups to address specific issues related to refrigeration units. This includes laboratory tests as well as measurements in typical markets during operation.

Why we do this

The cooling sector is of central importance in achieving climate targets

We know that enormous emission savings can be realized in the cooling sector. We believe that those companies who position themselves at the forefront of corporate responsibility will be leaders in innovation in their field and the market leader not only of today but of tomorrow.
We want to support a zero-carbon society. We perceive the lack of intuitive insights and reliable facts to be the key barrier for action. Therefore, we deliver tailored solutions based on aggregated analyses. We aim to make emission savings a by-product of responsible, intuitive, and well-informed management.
We believe that ultimately, better data and information will lead to better management and decisions and help both climate and businesses. We therefore perceive data to be an undeniable proof and key trigger for systemic change towards a low carbon economy.