Energy Efficiency and Digitization in Food Retail

Energy Efficiency and Digitization in Food Retail

We help to reduce your carbon emissions, build strategic data and bring down your costs

Tons of CO2-eq emissions mitigated
Euro saved
Upgraded Supermarkets
Installed Temperature Sensors
Cooperation with Maintenance Companies
Digitized Refrigeration Points

Maximize the energy efficiency of your cooling cabinets by implementing our pattented sensor optimization solution and door gap sealing.

The digitization app FieldAgent and our data platform StoreAgent provide you with deep insights into the status and potential of your cooling systems for more efficient control.

Our damage report app QuickTell  allows for an easy, fast and detailled way to communicate damages and repairs.

ChillServices conducts a number of research projects to study the effect of door openings, door gaps and energy requirements of cooling cabinets.

ChillServices provides intuitive solutions for your cooling cabinets

Simple Technology with a Substantial Impact

Simple Technology with a Substantial Impact

Your Benefits at a Glance


Cost Reduction

Save more than 1000 Euro each year (per store)


Save Energy and CO2 Emissions

An average saving of 3 % of the energy used for cooling; approx. 230kg CO2 per month


Better Food Safty

Stable temperature levels in your cooling cabinet


Fewer Incidents

A reduction in temperature errors due to our sensor optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

The work will take one day in which access to the bottom of the cabinets is needed. This can be done during opening hours – the disturbance is minimal.

After your order, the work in your store will be carried our either by us or by the cooling company responsible for the maintenance of the cooling system in your store.

Our sensors are compatible with cooling cabinets from every manufacturer. We install our sensors in wall mounted and closable refrigeration units.

As follow up services to the cabinet optimization we offer an automatic analysis of the energy and temperature data and the context data generated as part of the cabinet optimization. By combining both datasets, we can assess which cabinets are running particularly inefficient compared to other comparable cabinets, as well as making data-based estimates on the source of the problem. This gives maintenance staff an easier time identifying problematic cabinets as well as an ideal starting point in identifying the source of the lack in performance. Our client’s maintenance efforts are substantially more efficient as a result.

We are proud of our cooperation with our clients, maintenance companies and network in science and industry

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